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Make Your Vehicle Wraps Unique and Professional with Us

Wrapping for Cars, Commercial Trucks, Boats, Trailers, Motorcycles and More In Miami, FL

Here at Vehicle Wraps Miami, we have a team of specialists that have years of experience in vehicle wraps. Moreover, developing the best display graphics necessary to get your business in front of your customers.

carbon fiber wrapping vinyl for car bumper

Vehicle wraps, being proven one of the most effective styles of marketing, creates a unique method of advertising for all automobiles including cars, boats, motorcycles, and wraps for trucks.

In addition, from an investment standpoint, they also hold the best return on invest (ROI) considering they have the lowest cost per impression. Mobile promotion can be the most effective form of marketing in any city. Moreover, reaching more customers than any other form of marketing at a less expensive cost per thousand impressions!

We understand that every client is unique, our team delivers a personalized consultation for every customer to better understand the goal of the project alongside a vehicle wrap pricing guide.

One of the most important aspects of a vehicle wrap is the overall longevity of the wrap. This form of display marketing can last 5-7 years. Furthermore, being seen on a daily basis over and over again.

We have a wide selection of products that are available to fit any budget and need. A full wrap will cover the entire automobile that will deliver a powerful message to any consumer that sees it.You may also choose a partial wrap that will only cover only certain areas of your car.

Get Your Vinyl Vehicle Wrap With Us!


Our team at vehicle wraps Miami looks forward to consulting with every client to better understand the goal of the wrap. We will review your budget to make sure the plan will line with projected costs of the wrap.

Further, after creating the scope of the project, Vehicle Wraps Miami will present a customized plan for the wrap.

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Regardless if you are just starting your business and are looking for a more effective way to advertise with a single car, or a large company looking to take your marketing to the next level, we have the team to help you with all your vehicle wrap needs.

90 percent of all people will notice an advertisement when words and images are in place. Metro trucks are averaged to be seen by 14 million people every single year!

We are the #1 Miami Vehicle Wraps company. If you currently live in Miami, more than likely you have seen our work before. Whether you decide on car wrapping or a full truck wrap, Miami Vehicle Wraps is the number one choice of mobile advertisement. When you are driving you will be able to reach more people and market your business effortlessly. Display your logo, contact information, and begin getting new impressions on your business today!

There are endless opportunities with your vehicle wraps.